SWH Industries Sdn Bhd

The primary objective of SWH is to facilitate the setting up of advance technology in casting industries, thereby increasing and improving its productivity and achieving technological innovations and development. Our business natures are :-

  • To act as a production platform to develop the casting services for the respective valued customers.
  • To provide professional technical study and development of the casting materials which comply with the specification.
  • To act as a project manager to ensure the smooth progress of the installation, testing and commissioning of respective projects.
  • To act as a fabricator to fabricate machine mainly used in Palm Oil Mill Industries and others industries to ensure high quality and efficiency of the performace.
  • To provide cost effective and efficiency on customized and modification of new or used machine which comply with the requirement and consistency quality and performance.
  • To provide excellent and quality service for the valued customer especially in maintenance to minimize machine dysfunction.